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Homeschool Resources

We are here to help homeschool families complete a successful school year. Besides our subscription, which offers comprehensive support to parents and students, we also teach a full-year curriculum of Math, ELA (reading, writing, phonics), Spanish/English as a second language, and other subjects by request. You can also check out our free resource page, which is being updated daily.

ESA Students

We are an ESA Vendor. Contact us below to use your ESA funds to pay for classes. You will receive a monthly invoice and can submit the invoice by clicking “Pay Vendor” in your class wallet account. Click the link if you live in Arizona and are interested in the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship.

Fully Immersive Language Instruction

We are still offering Language Classes. Language learning helps bridge cultural gaps by creating greater cultural awareness and can help link our family and community members together. Language is a very important skill that will certainly help build a successful future for our youth in this global economy. There are many known benefits to learning a second language including improved brain function, critical thinking skills, and higher test scores. We believe that a fully immersive program is best. Since this is not possible in an online environment, we focus on the next best thing, which is fully immersive classes with a live instructor. This will help your child to retain more of what they are learning by “using ” the language with another person. We believe this is a critical step that is often missed when focusing on learning a second language, and that is why we only speak in the target language.

We use special techniques to help your child comprehend what they are learning. Our teachers are certified, licensed, and have many years of experience working with children. We believe in what we do, and we want to help answer any questions you may have.

Video Classes

Check out our free video classes, which are less than 10 minutes each. We recommend watching each video a minimum of two times per week; two times or more is best. You can print the lessons and follow along. We also offer fully immersive instruction with a live teacher. Our video classes will help your child continue to study between classes. Learning a language takes consistency; studying for just 10 to 15 minutes a day can make a huge difference. Don’t worry, if you don’t want to join our live classes, you still have access to free study resources here.

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