Little Lions Learn

Where Homeschooling is an Exciting Adventure!

What is an online community?

We are a homeschool community in an online environment. This means you can meet with other like-minded homeschool families from the comfort of your home. We offer:

  • Weekly Adult Collaboration Meetings
  • Weekly Kids Clubs (book, Lego, etc.)
  • Access to our Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Quarterly Contests (writing, reading, science, etc.)
  • Paws and Pals Lions Club (pen pal club)

What is Educational Support?

We all need support from time to time. Whether you feel lost, or just want fresh ideas, we support new and experienced homeschool families. We offer:

  • Bi-weekly Adult Classes of Your Choice
    • Homeschooling 101
    • Learning/Teaching Styles
    • Curriculum Planning
    • Getting Your Kids Excited to Learn Again
  • Ask the Team (get help with your homeschool journey during school hours)
  • Receive Weekly Emails for ideas, inspiration, and new resources

What are Resources?

We believe that you, as parents, should have a say in what your child is learning. That is why we only offer trusted resources that you can customize and adjust to the needs of your child. We offer:

  • is a great resource for early readers and those learning Spanish. You can also customize story time with your own voice through storytelling.
  • The Little Lions Learn Library has printable resources in math and English Language Arts for every grade.
  • has lessons for every subject at every grade level. The lessons are highly engaging, and allow parents to track progress, including grades, quizzes and tests. High school students have access to AP classes, which can translate to college credits.

What are Group Classes?

We specialize in Spanish as a second language and think it is extremely beneficial for our children to know more than one language. We offer:

  • Weekly Group Classes in Spanish offered in a fully immersive setting
  • Recorded Lessons to review and practice what you are learning.
  • Games and printable resources for added practice

As a bonus, Math and English classes can be added to any subscription level with Little Lions Learn. These classes make a great accompaniment to an already stellar community experience!

Still have questions?

Book a free 30 minute consultation call so you can ask questions and make sure Little Lions Learn is a good fit for you. No obligation! We are here to help whether you select us or another program. We want what is best for your family.