A new Fun and Engaging Way to Learn a Second Language

A New Fun and Engaging Way to Learn a Second Language

My name is Khara Sandoval, CEO of Little Lions Learn, a new fun, and engaging way to learn a second language.

Long-lasting relationships with people from around the world

We officially launched Little Lions Learn, a new fun and engaging way to learn a second language, on August 1, 2019. I was inspired to open Little Lions Learn for many reasons.

Firstly, second language acquisition has always been a passion of mine and I have always seen value in learning a second language. Secondly, I became a teacher to help others and have been teaching for over 10 years now. Thirdly, I began teaching online several years ago to local children and children around the world. The experience has been amazing!

I have built long-lasting relationships with families around the world and have watched children grow in their language skills.  It is an indescribable experience. Therefore, I have always wanted to learn Spanish and have always wanted my children to learn Spanish.

I began looking for programs to help them learn. After long searches, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I found several apps that are fun and seem to help in some ways, I found helpful videos, but nothing seemed to show real results. This is why I wanted to start a new fun and engaging way to learn a second language.

Don’t underestimate the importance of conversation

I soon began to realize that what was missing is conversation. Conversation is an essential part of learning, practicing, and using a second language. My passion for online teaching, language acquisition, and the desire to help our youth is what helped form my idea. Little Lions Learn is a fun and engaging way to learn a second language.

To get started, we attended Start Up weekend hosted by WESST. During that weekend we secured an investor, Darrell DeMotta with Rebellis Development Group, and began working intensely to open Little Lions Learn. Within 5 months, Little Lions Learn was born!

We are proud to say, we now have 8 teachers from different parts of the world who are passionate about working with children and ready to teach the Spanish and English language. 

Second language learning has life-long benefits

Learning a second language has many benefits for children. For example, according to The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), “Language Learning correlates with higher academic achievement on standardized tests, the development of students reading abilities, ability to hypothesize in science, higher academic performance and greater self-efficacy, and higher SAT and ACT scores. There is a correlation between bilingualism and improvements in cognitive abilities, fewer age-related cognitive losses, intelligence, memory skills, problem-solving abilities, improved verbal and spatial abilities, and much more.” 

Although it can be difficult to think that far ahead when we have young children, learning a second language is very important to the future of our youth. According to (ACTFL) https://www.actfl.org and their campaign LEAD with Languages https://www.leadwithlanguages.org/language-advocacy/publications/, “Nine out of ten U.S. employers rely on employees with language skills other than English”. This is expected to increase within the next 5 years. There is currently a gap in skills and some companies have lost business deals due to a lack of language resources.

Share with everyone you know

Our goal is to firstly, to share this exciting new program, Little Lions Learn, with others. Secondly, we want to let everyone know, this is a new fun, and engaging way to learn a second language.

We hope to watch children quickly grow in their Spanish skills and become more confident when speaking with others.

Little Lions Learn is a curriculum-based fully immersive language program. Therefore, this means that teachers only speak in the target language and we follow present learning goals and standards. We know this is the best way to learn a second language.

With Little Lions Learn, children will not only learn to speak, but they will also become biliteral. Biliteracy means that children will learn to listen, comprehend, speak, read, and write the Spanish language.

We hope to educate others on the importance of second and foreign language acquisition. We believe our program will not only benefit academic improvement in children but it will also further the opportunities given to our youth in the future.

New Opportunities

Learning online opens a new world of opportunities. Therefore, you can meet people from around the world, and feel confident and more comfortable speaking to others in the new language. Make sure to set up lessons around your busy schedule and take classes from anywhere with an internet connection.

Moreover, with our program, you will watch your skills progress from the very first lesson. The best part of learning online with Little Lions Learn…It’s fun!!

Our Future and Update on a New Fun and Engaging Way to Learn a Second Language

Our future: We currently opened the Spanish side of Little Lions Learn for children ages 5-16. We offer free post-class resources. Those resources are developing into a more interactive learning experience and we also have plans to open our English side of Little Lions Learn sharing the English language with other children around the world.

Update: We are currently opening Homeschool Program. As a result, we are helping homeschool families with math and English Language Arts curriculum as well as English and Spanish as a second language. It is a new fun and engaging way to learn a second language!

Let the adventure begin……………… We hope to see you in the classroom!

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