Spooky Story List for Kids: 10 Must-Read Halloween Books

Spooky Story List for Kids: 10 Must-Read Halloween Books

It’s almost Halloween and the best time of year for spooky, but not too scary, stories! We’ve got a few spooky story suggestions for you to check out. They are sure to be a great hit all month long!

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Spooky Story 1: How to Catch a Monster by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton

In this book, a boy goes on an adventure to catch a monster who has been lurking in his closet. He uses his Ninja skills, creativity, and bravery to defeat the creature who….. turns out to be a good friend. We love this book because it is funny, the illustrations are fun and colorful, and the text is easy to understand. This spooky story is part of an 18-book series and your little one is sure to enjoy it this October.

Creepy Story 2: How to Catch a Witch by Alice Walstead and Megan Joyce

In this book, some children are trying to get a tricky witch out of their town before all of the creatures take over. The story ends with a twist. This book is part of an 18-book series and is just as good as the rest. You are sure to love this spooky story!

Mysterious Story 3: Ghost Afraid of the Dark by Sara Conway

In this Halloween book, a little ghost is afraid of the dark. He visits all of his friends to learn how to be brave. They all share why they love the dark and in the end, he too loves the dark. There is a special surprise at the end of the book that the kids will love!

Spooky Story 4: The Halloween Tree by Susan Montanari and Teresa Martinez 

In this book, a little tree is grumpy and doesn’t want to become a Christmas tree. All the children came to love the twisted tree and he realized that he actually loves decorations and people. This book has a very happy ending!

Tricky Story 5: Pete the Cat: Trick or Pete by James Dean

In this book, Pete the Cat decides to go trick or treating with his friends. This book has tons of fun behind every lift-the-flap page. It is a very interactive book with beautiful illustrations. The kids love this book! Pete the Cat is always a favorite.

Spooky Story 6: The Legend of Grizzly Howl by Roy Adorjan

In this bedtime story, the legend of Grizzly Howl haunts the bears as they go Trick or Treating for Halloween. This story teaches that friends stick together. It is a little spooky with a chocolatey twist.

Chilling Story 7: Hocus Pocus by A. W. Jantha and Gris Grimly

If you enjoyed the movie, you are sure to enjoy this book. It retells the spooky story using wonderful illustrations and a great storyline. This book is just in time for the release of Hocus Pocus 2!

Errie Story 8: The Little Old Lady Who was not Afraid of Anything by Linda D. Williams and Megan Lloyd

In this book, there was a little old lady who wasn’t afraid of anything. As she walks through the forest she ran into some moving clothes and she just tells them to get out of her way. Each time she walks a little faster. They followed her home to try and scare her. This is an enjoyable spooky story you must read with your little one this holiday.

Ghostly Story 9: The Super Tiny Ghost by Marilee Joy Mayfield

In this book, a tiny ghost’s dream is to scare people but he had a difficult time. He finally figure out how to make them scream and when he did he felt so sad and decided to spread cheer instead of fear. This is a very cute spooky story for the whole family to enjoy.

Spooky Story 10: At the Old Haunted House by Helen Ketteman

In this book, there are many creatures that fill an old haunted house. This interactive rhyming book has beautiful illustrations and counting fun on every page. My son couldn’t stop reading it the day it arrived in the mail.

Reading all of these spooky stories got us in the Holiday mood. Our community is having a door decorating contest. Check out our low-cost decorating idea on Pinterest.

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