Earn Extra Money from Home

Earn Extra Money from Home

For years now, I earn extra money with side hustles or gigs so I wanted to share some of them with you. Below is a list of some companies that I have used over the years and some other companies that I think you will like. They all provide a fun and easy way to make extra money each month.

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Become a Secret Shopper

Secret Shopping is fun because it allows you to give your opinion. You will not make a ton of extra money, but you will often grab a free meal, free carwash, and free gas, as well as earn a small fee for your time. Personally, I love giving my opinion and I love getting a free meal. Here are a few of the companies I currently work for, with my favorite on top.


Marketforce has the best variety of secret shops in my area especially if you are looking for a free meal, free gas, or retail shops to give your opinion.

Secret Shopper

Secret Shopper has the best-paid shops therefore they are worth the time!

Second to None

Second to None has some good online shops and also has some well-paid local shops.

Best Mark

When you sign up using the Shopper ID NM2844 as a referrer. Best Mark is very popular so make sure to grab your shops at the beginning of each week. The more shops you complete, the more they will release to you.

Give your Opinion and Earn Extra Money

I love giving my opinion. Who doesn’t?

I typically make at least an extra $300-500 per month with these jobs giving my opinion on new and upcoming products. You are generally giving your opinion on a digital product or website. The downside is you spend some time seeing if you qualify for the “test” because each company wants to make sure they have the right person giving feedback on their product. Therefore, if you don’t fit in with their ideal market, you will not qualify for the test.

I typically qualify for 1-3 per day. I spend a few minutes each day to see if I qualify. If I do then I give my opinion. This generally takes 10-30 minutes and you get paid $10 for each test you complete. You get paid exactly one week from the date you completed the test. You must be able to think your thoughts and give your honest opinion out loud. Each of these companies pays slightly differently and some pay more than others. I highly recommend you check them out!

User Testing

User Testing is my personal favorite! Make sure you sign up to test on the website and you can download the phone app once you are a tester. Make sure you have a quiet area at home to complete the first test because you will be given a real practice test to see if you are qualified for the job. You may have to wait for an opening. It is worth it!

User Interviews

I love User Interviews and have had a great experience with them! Each company on the platform pays a little differently, but most often you are paid through a gift card with User Interviews. The hourly pay is typically well worth it! You often have live interviews with User Interviews, but not always.


TryMyUI is now Trymata. I have had a good experience with this company but I do not qualify for as many tests. I think they are located in Canada, but don’t quote me on that. Just because I don’t qualify doesn’t mean you will not, I would definitely give this reputable company a try!


I have had a good experience with this company but don’t get nearly as many opportunities as the others above. That doesn’t mean that you won’t! All of these companies go by demographics and what their current companies are looking for.

I found a few other companies, that I listed below, but have never tried these ones myself. Let me know if you give them a try!




Testing Time



Honestly, I stink at transcription! I got hired with Rev, but I was terrible. I am listing these options below because I think they are great companies if you can transcribe and might help you. Why not give it a try? Please note: You must type quickly and accurately.


Trascribe Me




You might enjoy filling out surveys for some extra cash. I personally feel like this can be a waste of time if you are not careful. But what if you have time to waste? Instead of scrolling through social media consider filling out surveys for extra cash. I often fill out surveys while I am waiting for an appointment or a family member that I have to pick up. Below I have listed two survey companies that I have experience using and have enjoyed.


Survey Monkey

Online Teaching

Online teaching can make you some serious extra cash! I have been teaching online since 2016. I have stuck with it because I have a passion for it. You can make up to $3000 per month, which really helps to chunk away at debt. Down below, I am listing some current companies I work for. The good news is that not all of these companies require a teaching license so even if you don’t have the experience you can still teach anything you are passionate about!


Allschool is a newer company but has great reviews. I just signed up, got hired, and am waiting to get my first student so I will make sure to update you on how I am doing. Allschool does not require a teaching certificate or degree. I would love to help you through the interview process so contact me if interested.


Outschool has been around for a while and I have heard really great things about earning extra money through this platform. I just signed up, got hired, and am waiting to get my first student, therefore, I will update you when I get my first student. Outschool does not require a teaching certificate or degree to teach for them. I can help you through the interview process so contact me if interested in applying.

Teach Taiwanese Children

I am currently teaching multiple classes online to Taiwanese children earning about $17 per 50-minute class. Licensed teachers are preferred but not required. Contact me if you are interested. They need teachers as soon as possible so you could be working within a week or two. They don’t have a website, but I can help you through the interview process, put you in touch with Nick who is in charge, and help you set up your classes.

Varsity Tutors

I have worked for Varsity Tutors and really enjoy it when I earn the extra money weekly. The money isn’t as good as some of the other companies, but it is consistent work and they need teachers. The current rate is $16 per hour but does vary. You don’t have to be a teacher to work for them and you can teach online just like the other companies listed above, but you can also teach in person. Please remember to mention that you were referred by Khara Sandoval and contact me so I can walk you through the application process.


Door Dash

Yes, even with the high gas prices it can still be well worth it. On average you earn about $20 per hour or more. You can pick the day and time you want to deliver. It has complete flexibility which is well worth it. I typically door dash, if I come up short one week. It can be very helpful because you can get paid instantly or weekly.


I love Instacart because you don’t use as much gas as you do with Door Dash. I love shopping and this can be a quick and easy way to make some extra cash for your pocketbook. You pick up jobs when and where you want, and you can select the ones you want. You will know how much money you will earn before you decide. The best part is that you can get paid within two hours of shopping!

Other Money Saving Apps that I love

You are right, these aren’t jobs… but who doesn’t want to earn some extra cash just by shopping? I know I do! These are my two favorite shopping apps.


I love ibotta! I use this app every time I go to the store. You can earn extra money through this money-saving app and you get money back through gift cards to spend any way you would like.


I love Shopkick! I have had many many free cups of coffee thanks to this app! You can of course pick the reward you want. You will get paid through a gift card of your choice. This app is fun because you get points for walking into stores, scanning items in the store, and buying certain products. You can also connect your card to earn even more points.


With the rise of inflation, earning some extra cash can be necessary. My favorite side jobs include Secret Shopping, Giving your Opinion, Transcribing, Surveys, Online Teaching, Delivery Driver, and more. Online teaching can earn you the most and I have listed several companies that allow you to teach even without having a teaching certificate. My personal favorite side gig is Giving your Opinion through companies like User Testing, and it’s a great way to save up on the downpayment you need to help you purchase your new home! I hope all of the options I have listed have helped you find a new gig and help you to start earning some extra cash quickly.

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