Spanish A-Z Memory Games

If you want your child to learn new Spanish words, one of my favorites is the Spanish A-Z Memory Games. With these games, you’ll be shown a series of cards and when you click the cards they will turn over to identify the vocabulary words. Find two of the same words to make a match. Once you match all the cards you win. You can play these Spanish A-Z Memory Games again and again, at home or on the go. Make sure to time yourself to get quicker each time. Visit our Free Resources page for more Spanish resources and visit our Pinterest page for even more ideas.

Make the most of your Spanish learning by playing with words and enjoying it at the same time. In contrast to traditional methods – like studying from a textbook, or reading through flashcards – playing interactive memory games engage different senses and creates an enjoyable environment for language acquisition. Visuals help to increase retention rates and build up cognitive skills essential for successful communication. With each game, focus on how specific images are associated with certain words or phrases; as practice builds familiarity so will understanding. Try these exercises as often as you can – in no time, you’ll have mastered the Spanish A-Z alphabet!

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