Why Learn A Language With Little Lions Learn?

We know there are really great second language programs and options for you to choose from. But we believe Little Lions Learn may be the best way for your child to learn a second language.  Your child will feel comfortable and confident learning their second language in a fun and loving online environment. They will enjoy interacting and engaging with our unique curriculum and live-certified teachers. Learning a new language is tricky. A proven strategy is full immersion in the language. So, we offer immersive classes and use special techniques to help your child comprehend what they are learning.

Little Lions Learn is focused on helping your child become bilingual. This means they will not only speak but will also learn to read and write the new language starting from the very first lesson. Our team of professionals has developed an English and Spanish curriculum to help your child master second language learning skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. We use ACTFL’s World-Readiness for Language Learning Standards and follow the Common Core Standards to help drive our unique curriculum. Our team is consistently reviewing and updating the curriculum. Therefore, this insures we offer the most up-to-date, high-quality educational service possible. Little Lions Learn works hard at putting together a program that fits the needs of your child’s unique learning style and fits your family budget.  Join us in helping your child and their future. Let the adventure begin!

Why learn a second language with Little Lions Learn?

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