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Free Resources for Homeschool Families

Little Lions Learn is an exceptional educational resource that offers a wealth of free content specially curated for homeschool families. With a focus on individual grade levels, the platform provides comprehensive materials for math, English language arts (ELA), reading, and much more. Designed to support homeschooling parents and engage young learners, Little Lions Learn ensures an enriching and accessible learning experience for all.


For math, the platform offers a diverse range of grade-specific lessons, covering everything from basic arithmetic for younger students to more advanced algebra and geometry for older learners. Interactive exercises, visual aids, and step-by-step explanations make complex concepts more approachable and enjoyable.

English Language Arts

In the realm of ELA, Little Lions Learn presents captivating language arts lessons tailored to each grade level. From phonics and sight word recognition for early readers to grammar, writing, and literary analysis for older students, the platform fosters strong language skills and a deep appreciation for literature.


Reading is a fundamental pillar of education, and the platform recognizes its significance. Little Lions Learn provides an extensive library of age-appropriate reading materials, spanning from engaging stories for emerging readers to challenging texts for upper-grade students. The reading content is curated to enhance comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills.

Fresh Content

What sets Little Lions Learn apart is its commitment to continual improvement and the creation of fresh content. The platform regularly updates its offerings, ensuring that homeschool families have access to a dynamic and ever-expanding array of educational resources. By checking back weekly, parents can discover new activities, lessons, and exciting challenges that keep their children motivated and excited about learning.

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In conclusion, Little Lions Learn stands as a valuable ally for homeschooling families, providing a comprehensive and free repository of grade-specific content for math, ELA, reading, and more. With its commitment to continuous improvement, this platform is a reliable source for engaging and effective educational materials, supporting parents in nurturing their children’s love for learning.