Lions Den
$40 / Month
Each additional child is $15
Online Community
Educational Support
Lions Library
Courageous Cubs
$110 / Month
Each additional child is $75
Enrollment Gift
Online Community
Educational Support
Lions Library
Weekly Group Spanish Classes
$60 / Month
Each additional child $25
Enrollment Gift
Online Community
Educational Support
Lions Library

Enrollment Gift includes:

1. “The Science of Homeschooling” book by Kristy Crandall mailed to your home.

2. “Digital Homeschool Organization Pack” which includes tools to help you keep track of homeschool attendance, grades, to-do lists, yearly curriculum planner, and more.

Online Community includes:

1. Exclusive access to our Facebook group, where you can collaborate with others, and get ideas and new resources.

2. Weekly collaboration meetings for adults (this is a fun way to share and give ideas and make new friends – hey, we need friends, too!) and Weekly Clubs for the kids (they can select from their favorite – some examples include Lego Club, Book Club, Art Club, and more)

3. Quarterly Contests with Prizes to help motivate our kids. Writing contests, Reading contests, Science experiments, and more.

4. Paws and Pals Lions Club. Meet friends near or far through our Pen Pal Club.

Educational Support for Adults

1. Bi-weekly classes, of your choice, to help you in your homeschooling journey. Some examples include Intro to Homeschooling, Learning and Teaching Styles, How Children Learn, The Importance of Parents, Community Matters, Homeschool Styles, One Year Curriculum Planning Course in Math or English Language Arts

2. Ask the Team- reach out to the Little Lions Learn team anytime you have questions or need support. We are here for you!

3. Receive weekly emails with resources and ideas for your homeschool.

Invaluable Homeschool Resources:

The Little Lions Learn Library has math and English Language Arts worksheets at your fingertips. There are games to go with it, too!

Step into the world of Vooks, an invaluable resource designed to support early readers and those embarking on the journey of mastering Spanish as a second language. With our subscription, you unlock a treasure trove of content for the duration of your membership. Delve into an extensive collection of books, enriched with engaging printable activities. Elevate the reading experience by utilizing Storyteller, where you can craft personalized narratives by recording your voice. Empower your child’s learning adventure with Vooks—an immersive platform tailored for exploration, education, and endless inspiration. You will have access to to motivate your children to read and learn in English and Spanish throughout your subscription with Little Lions Learn.

Unlock the boundless potential of, an invaluable tool for homeschooling families across all age groups. With access to unlimited courses spanning every subject, you have the flexibility to tailor a personalized learning experience for your child. Benefit from features such as automatic grading of quizzes and tests, goal tracking, and progress reporting; empowering you to monitor and optimize your child’s educational journey effortlessly. Moreover, high school students gain exclusive access to Advanced Placement (AP) classes, providing a comprehensive and accredited academic curriculum. You will have access to to elevate your homeschooling experience throughout your subscription with Little Lions Learn.

Spanish Classes Include:

1. We specialize in teaching Spanish in a fully immersive setting. You will get exclusive access to our content and games to practice developing your new language and will take a weekly group class with a live teacher.

*Add On Classes Include:

1. We have experienced teachers who teach Math and English Language Arts, Phonics, Reading, and Writing in an online setting. Add on your classes to your package to get a full homeschool learning experience.