Where to Find Good eBooks for Homeschool Kids: Discovering the Best Resources

Where to Find Good eBooks for Homeschool Kids: Discovering the Best Resources

Homeschooling offers parents and children the opportunity to tailor their educational journey to their specific needs and interests. With the rise of technology, finding quality educational resources has become easier than ever before. Many parents are often wondering where to find good eBooks for homeschooled kids. They provide convenience, affordability, and a wide range of educational content. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best places to find good eBooks for homeschooled kids, ensuring they have access to engaging and educational material that complements their learning experience.

Online eBook Platforms and Retailers

a. Amazon Kindle Store: Amazon’s Kindle Store is an excellent resource for finding eBooks in various subjects and age ranges. It offers an extensive collection of both fiction and non-fiction titles, many of which are specifically categorized for homeschooling purposes.

b. Barnes & Noble Nook Store: Barnes & Noble’s Nook Store is another platform that provides a wide selection of eBooks suitable for homeschooling. It offers a user-friendly interface and an extensive collection of titles, ensuring there’s something for every learner. They also have a good list of free eBooks.

c. Books Beginning at Birth: They have a wide range of free eBooks for beginning readers. They also have live storytelling and offer tips for helping parents with teaching their kids to read.

d. Book Spring: They offer many books in pdf format and they offer many resources to connect you with free or discounted eBooks. Their goal is to help families increase their home libraries.

Educational Websites and Resources

a. Open Library: Open Library is a non-profit initiative that offers access to thousands of eBooks. It provides a vast range of educational material, including textbooks, reference guides, and study aids, making it a valuable resource for homeschoolers.

b. BookBub: BookBub is a platform that helps users discover discounted and free eBooks tailored to their preferences. By signing up for their newsletter or browsing their website, homeschooling parents can find excellent deals on educational eBooks for their children.

c. National Geographic Kids: National Geographic Kids offers a range of eBooks focused on science, nature, and geography. Their interactive and visually appealing content engages young readers, making learning exciting and enjoyable.

d. Little Lions Learn: Little Lions Learn has sight-word books. As your children are learning the sight words, have them read these books to reinforce what they are learning. It is a growing library so bookmark it and check back often. The books can be found on the Free Games and Fry Sight Words Games page.

Public Libraries and Digital Borrowing

a. Local Library: Always check out your local library first. They offer several eBooks that you can check out for a period of time. It is convenient and you will be surprised by what they have to offer.

b. OverDrive: OverDrive is a digital lending platform that connects readers to their local public libraries’ eBook collections. Through this service, homeschooling families can access a vast array of eBooks, both educational and recreational, for free. From OverDrive you can connect to Libby which is a library made for everyone. You can borrow a wide range of books. It also connects you to Sora which is made for educators and perfect for homeschooling. The kids have tools to highlight on the books, you can give them assignments and check their progress.

c. Hoopla Digital: Hoopla Digital is another platform that partners with public libraries to provide free access to eBooks, audiobooks, and other digital media. It offers a diverse range of educational materials suitable for homeschooling children.

d. Readworks.org: Readworks is a free platform that is perfect for homeschooling. You can assign reading articles based on your child’s interest, grade, and reading level. You can assign and customize questions for them, keep track of progress, and watch growth. Make sure to sign up as a teacher, and check out Article-A-Day sets.


Where to find good eBooks for homeschool kids is essential for creating an engaging and enriching learning environment. The platforms and resources mentioned in this blog post provide a starting point for discovering educational eBooks across various subjects and age groups. Whether you prefer to purchase eBooks from online retailers, explore free digital libraries, or take advantage of public library borrowing options, these resources will help you find the perfect eBooks to supplement your homeschool curriculum. Embrace the digital age and open up a world of knowledge and imagination for your homeschooling journey!

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